The real reason why you fail to achieve your goals - Suzanne Heyn

The real reason why you fail to achieve your goals

fail to achieve your goals

If you fear you may fail to achieve your goals, you’re in the right place!


Earlier today I had the most interesting conversation with someone that illuminated exactly why some people fail to achieve their goals before they even start.

Normally I don’t engage in these things, but lately I’ve been standing more firmly in my truth.

Before, I always lost connection to my true thoughts and beliefs when someone else disagreed. It was like my reality was not tied to me, but to some external thread of confirmation that when moved, threatened to uproot my entire perspective.

The result — I considered myself objective and able to see all sides when in truth I was losing my grounding in who I am and what I believe.


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It’s fine to change your mind of course, but this wasn’t the case because hours later I would remember my stance, remember why I was passionate about it, and feel angry at myself for being so wholly influenced by something outside of me.

Today I’m able to stand firm in my beliefs, no matter what happens outside of me, of course able to consider outside perspectives, but deeply rooted in who I am, what I believe and value.

This is important because your beliefs must be rock solid in order to create the life you desire, rather than settle for the life you’re programmed for. 

If you don’t, you will fail to achieve your goals.


Most people spend their lives WISHING for things rather than working for them because deep down they don’t believe their dreams are possible.

The DM conversation perfectly illustrated the limiting beliefs most people have, and exactly why inner work is required to create firm beliefs, which allows you to live your dreams.

The woman I was speaking with believed that in order to create success, all the stars had to align, and the, “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” idea is nice to imagine, but not realistic. Talk about a great way to fail to achieve your goals.

I responded to her, “If you believe that’s true, then it is.”

Because here’s a fundamental reality that has been proven true to me over and over again during the past few years of building my business to one that allows me to earn incredible money while giving my gifts to the world, enjoying time and creative freedom, and helping high-achieving creatives and free spirits realize their full potential.

This is the difference between whether you will succeed or fail to achieve your goals.


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Whatever you believe is true, is true.

However you see the world is how it mirrors back to you.

If you think life is hard and nobody likes you, that’s the reality you will create.

If you think your dreams are impractical, you’ll never do the work to achieve them.

If you feel unsafe for some unconscious reason in creating your desires, you’ll sabotage yourself every time.

If you think the universe must smile upon you to give you perfect timing in order to create a life you enjoy, you’ll be waiting forever. You will fail to achieve your goals.


Here is what I believe:

I create my reality by virtue of my thoughts, beliefs and energy.

The universe is wholly objective, and anyone can align themselves with universal principles to create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Everything that happens to me only mirrors something that’s within me.

I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and the most important ingredient in that is not how hard I work, but how much I believe. (Aligned action is more important than working yourself into the ground, but don’t get me wrong — like Britney says, you better work, bitch.)

What’s happening in your mind is the single most powerful determinant of what you’ll create in life.

Most of us grow up in the wrong school of life, as my mentor says.

We grow up believing in a world of limitation, fear, scarcity and lack rather than infinite potential faith, abundance and overflow. This is the mindset that will make you fail to achieve your goals.


Everything and anything is available to us, but first we must believe that we can have it.

I’ve seen this DRAMATICALLY in my own life, especially related to building my business which is currently my point of obsession so it’s where all my analogies come from. Hope you can relate.

When I am working from the standpoint of “OMG I’m so tired. Nothing ever works out for me. This isn’t working,” then that is my reality.

But when I get into the energy of, “Fuck this shit. This is going to work. This is who I am. This is what I believe. And this is how it’s going to be,” then I take massive epic action and things change. 

My entire reality shifts.

Can you feel the different energy between those two statements?

At the core, the energy that we use to interact with life is what influences our outcomes. Thoughts matter yes, but even deeper is the energy behind those thoughts. 

That’s why the most important thing you can do is get crystal clear on your beliefs, do the inner work to actually believe them, and then remind yourself of these new beliefs every day as your new reality takes shape around you. If you do this, you will no longer fail to achieve your goals.


This is manifestation.

Manifestation isn’t wishing for something you want or repeating endless affirmations.

Manifesting is becoming the person who already has what you desire, making its materialization inevitable. 

People encounter a few problems when changing their thoughts, beliefs and energy.

Most common — a lot of times people aren’t clear on what beliefs they actually have that are directing how the world works. 

Our firmest beliefs are often so close to us that we can’t see them. We believe, this is just how the world works, when in fact that’s just one perception, and not necessarily the most empowering perception. 

This is why it’s so important to work with a mentor to guide you quickly through the limitations you can’t even see.

We learn how the world works as we’re growing up, from our family and society and schools, and don’t question those beliefs.

They become this framework that controls our entire lives, directing the flow of the universe and our own actions, yet most people don’t know that choosing their beliefs is something available to them.

And not only is it available, but if you want to truly create your life rather than unconsciously live the one you’re conditioned for, then you MUST get clear on your beliefs and reprogram them, not just one day but every day.

This is the inner work I guide my clients through, and that I teach in The Society of Spiritual Starlets.

It’s the foundation of real, lasting transformational change that feels flowy rather than a struggle. This is the difference between success and if you fail to achieve your goals.


Humans aren’t meant to struggle. Struggle signifies an inner conflict between a desire and belief.

Most people lose themselves in the struggle, trying to achieve goals, but always failing. 

You may feel like you never have the time, get lost in procrastination, feel sad that you don’t have the support of family and friends, but the truth is —


Not a drop.

The ONLY thing that truly matters is what YOU believe.

When your desires and beliefs are in line with each other, then you create momentum toward your goals.

If there’s an inner conflict, you’ll experience struggle and failure. It truly is that simple. Not easy but simple.

What this requires, as I mentioned before, is an ongoing inner journey of becoming aware of your beliefs, and then consciously reprogramming them to support you rather than limit you. Do this and you will no longer fail to achieve your goals.


Each new level of you will require a new set of beliefs. 

(Beliefs are different than thoughts. Beliefs are fundamental world views like, “there isn’t enough money,” that fuel thoughts like, “I can’t afford to invest in mentoring right now,” when the truth is that you can’t afford not to if you want to achieve your goals.)

At whichever point you choose to coast, your existing beliefs will continue to run the show and you’ll continue at the level you’re on.

Whenever you grow tired of experiencing your current level of inner satisfaction, money results, success, body, whatever, then the first thing to do before any outer action, is to tune in and choose soul-aligned goals along with thoughts and beliefs supporting those goals.

This is without a doubt the most important work you will do, and also without a doubt is the sole determinant of whether you will achieve your goals and give your talents to the world or die mediocre without giving the world your gifts or doing what you came here to do.

Choose today and every day. Choose that you will no longer fail to achieve your goals.


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It’s time to experience the thrill of living in true harmony and alignment with your soul and life itself. To feel the bliss of being who you really are, expressing that truth to the world, and then allowing yourself to receive divine compensation for that.

It’s totally natural for you to have doubts and fears, but you get to decide the mindset that creates your life.

Will you respond from that place of doubt and fear? Or will you tune deep into your heart, gather a glimpse of what’s possible, and act from faith?

Act from faith. Act from faith. Act from faith. Every single time.

That’s my greatest wish for you, but obviously nobody can do that for you. Only you can.

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