The surefire 5-minute tip for reconnecting to yourself - Suzanne Heyn

The surefire 5-minute tip for reconnecting to yourself

reconnect with yourself

It stings to lose touch with ourselves. We wonder if we’re in the right place or worse, question whether we’re wasting our precious lives.

It may feel like the more you struggle to reconnect with yourself, the more confusion you feel. Why won’t your inner voice just speak louder?

When was the last time you felt the confidence of being guided by the universe, the peace of connection with higher self?

But it’s no surprise we’re disconnected. We spend all day purposefully disconnected, avoiding our feelings, drowning them in food or social media or exercise, comparing ourselves to other people and coveting their success.

Many of us work in office environments that require us to hide our authentic selves, talk in boring corporate-talk and even switch our behavior. Then, we find it difficult to tune back in after hours. Or maybe we abandoned our own dreams long ago to pursue ones more socially acceptable, ones endorsed by family whose approval we long for. After setting those dreams aside, it can be difficult to reconnect to yourself.

And even though by outside circumstances, you may be successful, maybe it doesn’t feel good inside. Kind of well, empty. The good news is you can rekindle that sacred connection and once again live from a place of authenticity.

The number one way to reconnect with yourself is to create space. 


Space is the thing we all run from as we try to fill every moment of our day. We avoid delighting in the transitions between seasons, situations, and relationships. We’re always running, but the faster we run, the more confused we become.


To reconnect with yourself in five minutes, be still. Meditate, enjoy a restorative yoga pose, or just lie down without a phone, television or book. Just you and your beating heart.


This may seem deceptively simple, but silence is the thing we crave, the thing we need to plug back into the wisdom of our bodies and hearts.

How often do you spend time marinating in your own energy? Or maybe you practice yoga, but spend the whole session moving really fast, always thinking about the next pose or if today’s backbend feels deeper than yesterday’s. This is just an example, but depending on the quality we bring to our spiritual practice, it can morph from something that brings us peace into just another ego tool bringing comparison and resistance.

Create space with no expectation. Create space where the only thing to do is feel and be. 


While you lie there, allow the mind to quiet and explore your energy field with awareness itself. Bring your attention to your heart and feel what’s there. Heaviness? Lightness? Anxiety? Explore your energy field and notice what arises. If you practice this enough, feeling the energy will make the heart’s intentions conscious, transforming some of it into thought and granting you greater access into the deepest part of yourself.

This is the ultimate process of truly connecting with yourself — spending time feeling your pure energy without expectation. Enjoying the essence of you, exactly as you are. Feeling any feelings that arise and letting your heart know the ego is ready to surrender.

We’ve been conditioned to believe we need to think to connect with ourselves and spend time lost in thought. Instead, we need to get lost in being. Thinking has its place, but it all starts from feeling. The heart doesn’t speak in thoughts; it speaks in energy.


The trick that makes it all work

It’s simple and important: Implement. How many times have you thought about taking time to be, but instead took your cell phone along for the ride and scrolled on social medial the whole time? Hey, I’ve been there. No judgement. But your heart is waiting for you to come home.

For the best results, repeat daily.


What is your favorite way of reconnecting to yourself?

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  • Kelly says:

    This is so me! I’m afraid to look at myself cuz I don’t like myself and then I go into a deep depression. I’m afraid of my feelings. They’re scary and overwhelming. Then I beat myself up cuz I don’t do the things I should to heal myself. Ugh

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