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Learn how to receive and rapidly uplevel your life

learn how to receive

Learning how to receive can change your entire life.

Learning to receive is an essential part of living a more peaceful, spiritual, meaningful and happy life. Yet so many people struggle with receiving. Click through and learn a key step for breaking through to the next level of life.

Receptivity is a way of welcoming the things trying to flow to you instead of chasing after them. This sounds like manifestation woo-woo, which I have generally not been a fan of, so in case you’re not either, let me explain.

The other day I had a mind-blowing, life-altering epiphany. It encompassed so many areas of life, but the root was this idea of opening up to receive in new ways.


If you feel chronically tired, overwhelmed, have a lack of self-love, feel lonely, or are unsure about your direction in life, it may boil down to a shortage of receiving spiritual energy. 


I’ve written before about how a root of life’s problems is resistance, and learning how to receive is the other side, the part that allows you to welcome abundance into your life.

Resistance prevents life from flowing through us as intended. When we block life, whether through resisting an experience or an emotion, we block life force energy. This blocks our innate capacity to receive and flow.

The basis of life is energy. This means that everything we truly desire in this world comes from energy. Love, power, success, recognition, support, money — it’s all energy.


Opening up to receive energy allows all the other things you desire in life to flow to you. 


Receptivity affects every area of life, and I will unpack this further over a series of blog posts and social media updates. I’ll create a course at some point, too, because learning how to receive changes everything. I’ve been on a personal quest to step into my personal power, and realized that power is all about learning to receive energy.

I had this realization less than 24 hours ago and already my life has changed. It’s crazy.

I went to yoga yesterday and my intention throughout the class was “I am here to receive.” This opened me up, helped me let go, and the whole class felt so good, the love of the universe literally ran through my veins.

So free, quiet mind, open heart — the kind of experience that sticks with you. But I have faith that learning how to receive is the missing key to enjoying more of these experiences. This love is always there waiting to fill us, but we block it by resisting life. Not that life is always golden, it’s definitely not, but it’s a lot better than we allow it to be.


What’s more, opening ourselves up to receive the good and the bad allows our hearts to fully break and then to fully mend. 


After yoga, I kept that intention, “I am here to receive.” It sounds selfish, but it’s totally not. My husband was sharing something from his day, and so my intention became, “I am here to receive his story.” It was my job to sit and show up and listen.

As I repeated that mantra throughout the evening, it shifted my behavior. I’ve been struggling with staying up at night — which I realized during my epiphany is a form of self-sabotage because I’m afraid of success and the responsibility that comes along with that — but at around 8:30 p.m., I thought, “I’m ready to receive a shower.” So I took a shower and was in bed by 10:30 p.m.

Getting to bed early after a full evening of receiving and resting helped me wake up with so much energy and clarity, ready to take on the day.


And then I realized the mantra had to shift from “I am here to receive,” to “I am here to serve.”


And this is the ticket, the balance. Day time is yang energy, which is active, focused on movement. It’s a time of giving, of burning bright. It’s a time to mostly serve.

(Although I’m finding that it’s awesome to stay conscious of this throughout the day, noticing when it’s time to receive and when it’s time to give. Every day, all day, is a series of energy exchanges.)

And then night falls, and it’s dark, a yin energy, which is stillness, a time of receiving and passivity. We open up to refill from the fountain of the universe so that when morning comes, we can give again.

It’s a beautiful balance, and when we’re conscious of it and allow ourselves to receive the energy that’s always coming to us, it gives us the life force we need to live the life our destiny.


An important thing is to have a transition period between the yin of night and the yang of day.


I find that the morning, while eating breakfast and dressing for the day, is a great transition. It’s a time of giving thanks for the energy I just received and shifting into the mindset of giving, asking the universe how I can best show up. Intention is so powerful, and it’s not a conscious thing. Truly all you need to do is set the intention, and your thoughts and energy will automatically begin to shift.

If you have children, or you’re really busy and must spend more time in a giving capacity, I encourage you to find ways to receive, even if that’s having someone else watch the kids sometimes. You’ll have to find your own balance, but it’s imperative that you do. Your life and family will be better for it.

Becoming conscious about this balance is important for making life decisions. It helps us realize where we’re spending energy and if we’re making time to receive so we can give.


This approach has completely transformed my life philosophy.


Before, I saw things like success and personal power as things that you have to go out and get, but now I see it’s more a matter of allowing them to flow to me.

I have power (energy) and so I am powerful. I have love (energy) and so I am love. In this mode, I have no doubt that great success will also flow to me.

So excited to unpack this more! Please let me know if this resonated with you and share any light bulb moments in the comments on the blog.

If someone you know is struggling with any of these issues please forward this email to them. They will appreciate you for it!

To your rising!


p.s. I’d love to have more of you in my world. Come join me on InstagramFacebook (where I’m doing live videos!) and YouTube.

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